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Ryoko is very sweet and gentle, and the office itself is very relaxing and fragrant. This was my first time at an acupuncturist. I hardly felt the needles, and it was a really great experience. Highly recommended. - Wendy P.

RYOKO is WONDERFUL! I am so happy I found her! I am very picky with my acupuncturist. And why shouldn't you? People are picky about their regular doctors. I think of acupuncturists as alternative medicine doctors. I have been treated by 3 other acupuncturists and Ryoko is hands down my favorite! - Marian B.

I love Ryoko! She is a kind and very gentle acupuncturist! Her skills, painless needling and infectious laugh will leave you feeling so much better. She helped me while I was in school and super stressed out, she calmed me. And she has so much knowledge about childrens health....she generously offered me tips for my young son. I highly recommend Ryoko! - Kine F.

Ryoko helped me get through a successful IVF and pregnancy. I felt amazing through the entire process. The acupuncture helped keep my hormones level, and helped me have a healthy pregnancy to full term. She even was able to successfully induce my labor. I went in for my appt on Wednesday at noon...and I had started labor Thursday evening, and delivered my baby Friday morning. - Nicole D
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Ryoko Takayama L.Ac. Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (949) 836-2857
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